When Walmart got ready to roll out ShippingPass, which provides two-day shipping to customers for $49 per year, it realized it needed to scale up its e-commerce infrastructure to support the launch. Instead of looking to a commercial solution to bolster resource availability, the company decided to leverage the open source OpenStack cloud platform.

“We were able to almost instantly scale that infrastructure to support the ShippingPass launch,” said Andrew Mitry, Walmart’s OpenStack and public cloud lead.

Mitry recently discussed OpenStack, the open source culture and more on an episode of the Intel ChipChat podcast. The goal of deploying infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is to “deliver those services quickly, allowing our business to deploy apps faster and give them agility all the way up to the application layer,” Mitry said.

Walmart’s ultimate goal with OpenStack is to create a self-service elastic IT model across the company’s operations and better enable the ability to scale. “We take some of our systems from serving just a handful of stores to serving all 11,000 stores and the millions of customers we see a day,” Mitry said.

In fact, IaaS is part of a “unifying effort” across Walmart. The company has deployed OpenStack in both public and private clouds.

“How do we keep up with an infrastructure and platform that is evolving so fast?” Mitry asked.

Tune in to the Intel ChipChat podcast below to find out.

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